Jo – Life – Beautiful: About Me

Hi, I’m Jo.

I first started blogging when I worked abroad as a way of keeping in touch with family and friends. I soon discovered that I loved writing and sharing my experiences in this way. When I returned from travelling and moved back to UK in 2012, I decided to continue blogging, and ‘Life is Beautiful’ was born.

My initial aim of the blog was to write about anything and everything, about the small things in life that seem unimportant but actually make up its beauty. Its aim was to highlight the good in the  world, as a reminder to me that even  on bad days, there is goodness all around you.

As I have continued to write, the blog has evolved and has become a huge part of my own creative expression. I write what I  feel and there is no specific theme, just my experiences and perspective on the world.

Some of my main interests feature on this blog and you may come across blog posts on travel, sewing, emotional well being, and teaching.

I hope you enjoy reading ‘Life is Beautiful’ 🙂




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