Goodbye Shepperton Rd!

This week I said “Goodbye” to a place that really meant a lot to me (at one time, maybe not so much towards the end), and that was my little flat on Shepperton Rd, Petts Wood (near Bromley on border of London/Kent).

I am settling in to my new flat share but part of me wanted to write this post as a kind of formal parting from my old place to my new place, as I feel that I have made a significant change and I am now leaving that part of my life behind.

Shepperton Rd was my first residence which felt like it truly belonged to me. Even though it was rented, I lived there alone and I was free to furnish it however I liked. Growing up in military housing, Dad was always careful that we shouldn’t stick anything on the walls or damage the property in any way, and I get that it is important to look after a property if you want your deposit back, but also it is important to make somewhere feel homely. This was the first place where I felt like the furniture and furnishings I chose were really “me” – I expressed myself and discovered that actually I had a kind of “romantic” taste when it came to interior design!

A shot of the inside of the flat
A shot of the inside of the flat

Other things I learnt from my time at Shepperton Rd were that I have absolutely no time for gardening – in the sense that I rarely felt that I wanted to spend my precious free time outside mowing the lawn or tending to flowers. I did try, but anything involving nurturing a plant did not end well… things tended to die pretty quickly. On the flip side, I did enjoy hacking away at the never-ending brambles and rose bushes every so often. But I certainly won’t be crying myself to sleep that I no longer have any of my own outside green space.

Another thing that I won’t be missing about my time at Shepperton Rd are the huge spiders that would frequently make an appearance. When I first moved in, they scared the life out of me (and no one I have ever told actually believes me about the size of them, but they were really big!) However, over time, I gradually got braver with them and having to put them out myself. Now I find myself actually having a new-found respect for these creatures! So one really good thing about living at this place was that it actually helped me to overcome a huge fear of spiders.


All in all, I will always remember this place as somewhere that I found peaceful, as somewhere that I made my own, that made me grow in independence and made me learn new things about myself… and now I’m moving on to other things, which will hopefully help me to learn and grow even more.




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