Venice: A Feast For The Eyes

Last week I spent two days in Venice, and I was truly taken away by its beauty. I have actually visited Venice before, but the first time around I must have been walking around with my eyes closed, as it hadn’t made much of an impression on me at all. My first visit was several years ago, and I hadn’t thought of going back again (I really must not have been all that impressed…) but as it happens, I went back to attend a wedding in nearby Vicenza, stopping for two days in Venice first. I’m really glad I got the chance to go back, as this time, I had my eyes wide open ready to take in the stunning scenery waiting around every corner and across every bridge!

Venice is a city like no other and I found it incredibly romantic. The romantic cliche of Venice is a ride on a gondola – but actually this doesn’t interest me at all – I find it a bit “cheesy”! The romance I saw was in the architecture in the streets, the canals, bridges, piazzas, fronts of houses with flowers spilling out of window-boxes… everywhere I went there was something simply beautiful to look at.

I’ve included a photo gallery to share some of the beauty with you… enjoy!



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