Back to School… is it just me, or does it feel worse on the other side?

back to school
It’s the night before the first day back at school for the second half of Spring Term and my heart is sinking at the thought of the intensity that is to follow, the intensity of long working days, constantly up against the clock with demands coming from all directions; the latest buzz words such as “progress”, “interventions” and “evidence” ricocheting off the walls of the corridors and pervading every decision or action in the classroom, and that’s not even counting the intensity of those 23 little darlings (my Year 2 class) who definitely keep me on my toes…

I came on here tonight to write about my trip to Amsterdam earlier this week (more on that to come), but after realising the time I thought I had better keep it short and sweet… and diverged a little to paint the nightmarish picture above. I can’t help but feel that it is worse going back to school after half-term as a teacher than it ever was for me as a child…

However, it’s intense but in an insane way I just can’t seem to get enough or I probably wouldn’t be writing about it, or I probably wouldn’t have spent what seemed like an obscene amount of time planning over the half-term break…

… Evidently I’m still trying to resolve that aforementioned (in the last post ‘Where did January go?’) issue with work-life balance, although thanks to half-term I have now made a start on another of my new year’s resolutions to work on some more sewing projects… it feels good to have started focusing more on my goals 🙂

So… wish me luck for the next term… and here’s to achieving more of my goals along the way (that, and spreading joy to those 23 “little darlings!”) haha!



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