Why I want to be like Princess Elsa

She’s beautiful, she’s strong, she’s got amazing powers, she’s…

princess elsa

…. fictional.

She’s… a Disney character.

Yes. But when Disney created Princess Elsa, they created a character whose story was so resonant with people that even if you didn’t want to, even if you knew it was really for children, you probably caught yourself humming along to (or even belting out) the words of her signature song ‘Let it Go’.

(All together now!) ‘Let it Go, Let it Go, Can’t hold it back anymore…’

OK. We don’t  have to do that. You probably know it already anyway… but allow me to explain why I want to be like this Disney princess. Allow me to explain why Princess Elsa’s story could inspire me for 2015.

In my last blog post I wrote about my aims for 2015 and the first item on the list was

relax, laugh, release inhibitions – in other words – take opportunities to have fun, enjoy myself and go for it!

I went away and thought about this aim a little more and somehow there appeared in my mind the image of Princess Elsa shooting out her magic powers, enjoying herself at last, releasing her own inhibitions and really going for it for the first time (perhaps For The First Time In Forever?! I can feel another song coming on…)

For me 2015 is hopefully going to be the year where I stop holding back out of fear or “what if?”; 2015 is the year where I stride up the North Mountain and shoot out icicles, create a magical ice tower and let my hair down in a sparkling braid (figuratively speaking of course).

2015 is hopefully the year where I start to release the magic within!

And just because I couldn’t resist…I’ve included Elsa’s signature song for your own inspiration!


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