Are you ready for 2015?


Happy New Year to you, readers of Life is Beautiful, and I hope this blog post will be the first of many more to come in 2015. In the last couple of months I have updated the ‘look’ of the blog and modified the ‘About’ pages, and now I’m really looking forward to another year of writing. This year, I’m setting myself a target of posting at least once a fortnight, so here goes!


So it’s out with the old and in with the new; an opportunity to ditch some bad habits and cultivate some new ones! Here’s my list of aims for  the year:

  • relax, laugh, release inhibitions – in other words – take opportunities to have fun, enjoy myself and go for it!
  • keep learning to sew on my sewing machine (there are a lot of projects in my head that I would like to literally “materialise!”)
  • keep writing
  • keep learning to cook (I’m getting better!)
  • keep developing inner strength and work on projecting it on the outside too

I think that’s it for me – but what about you?  What are your goals? What can you bring to 2015?

Whatever your goals may be, I wish you luck, health, happiness, strength and remember that you have the power to achieve anything you set your mind to! (Yes, even I  have the power to learn how to make some wonderful creations with my sewing machine if I really try!)

Instead of “Are you ready for 2015?” perhaps it should be “Is 2015 ready for you?”



One thought on “Are you ready for 2015?

  1. Happy New Year Jo!! I love that last line, you could make it your Motivational Message quote! Thanks for sharing your “positive-ness” and motivational energy – it’s inspiring and will try to follow your lead! Your inner strength is real and strong and I wish you all the best in getting it projected out especially in new situations — I know it isn’t easy at times (speaking from personal experience too). Your goals sounds great! I can’t wait to see your sewing and cooking adventures! Hugs xxxx

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