Semana Santa

Hi all! This post is a slightly overdue collection of photos from my return visit to Cartagena nearly two years after leaving in July 2012! I went back to spend Holy Week (Semana Santa) with my friend and former colleague, Bridget, and I enjoyed the sunshine, the warmth, the food, the company and the special Cartagenaran Easter celebrations. This involved a lot of processions where huge thrones depicting scenes of the Easter story were carried through the streets, as well as many groups of people, old and young, processing through the streets in costumes with long cloaks, pointy hats, and space only for the eyes to show through. It is often commented that these costumes resemble the KKK but it has to be remembered that this is a Catholic tradition with the costumes symbolizing anonymity and purity. Just as the participants in these ceremonies feel privileged and honoured to take part, I also felt privileged to watch these traditional ceremonies that I would otherwise never have got to see or to understand, having gone away for Holy Week last time I was in Spain. In the photo gallery, you will see the pictures of some of the different costumes I saw, and some of the thrones, although my phone camera does not do them justice, or show the scale of the thrones, which are huge and must be carried on the shoulder of at least sixty men. In a 4 –  5 hour procession, that’s gotta hurt! I admire the strength and dedication of all involved in the ceremonies and I hope you enjoy the selection of photos from the event (as well as some obligatory holiday photos of chocolate and churros which may have crept in there…)

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