There’s a first time for everything…

It seems that the last year has held a lot of ‘firsts’ for me…

  • first year of primary teaching
  • first time living alone
  • first sewing machine
  • lots of first recipe attempts as I learn how to cook…
  • first time assembling flat-pack furniture (with the help of Dad!)
  • and now… first foray into… gardening!

yes, my flat came with a garden that is a little… wild… and although I hacked down some brambles and a rose that was coming through my bathroom window when I first moved in, I hadn’t actually got stuck in to it. The wash-out rainy winter was the perfect excuse to sit back and avoid having to do anything to it… too muddy, too wet, too cold. But now that Spring is springing, the sun has appeared and is shining down on the overgrown grass and weeds. It is a state, and looks even worse next to the tamed, neat, carefully maintained lawn, complete with trickling water and windchimes of the garden next door. So, with a little help from some friends (i.e. lovely auntie), I finally did some gardening today… and now in my head I’m picturing it being ready for summer, with me sitting back and relaxing amongst the scent of the beautiful flowers (that I’m yet to plant) and sitting on the furniture (that I’m yet to purchase)… (maybe I’m getting a bit carried away)…

Not bad for an afternoon’s work… garden after the removal of hundreds of weeds, dead sticks, brambles and bricks

So  my first venture into gardening involved painting dandelions with weedkiller (with an old paintbrush), wearing gardening gloves that were massively too big, joyfully and aggressively pulling up a huge amount of yellow flowery weeds (like buttercups), and digging up several bricks in the soil. In fact, I unearthed lots of bricks, stones, pottery, and now have a huge pile of junk, including part of a statue of an old Scottish MP – just his face – as it turns out the last tenants were Scottish and apparently liked this Labour MP guy, enough to have a statue of him in their garden (as well as a rusty bike ornament by the looks of things).

pile of junk found in garden… and all the unearthed bricks

I’m now looking forward to more times when I can get stuck in to taming the wilderness behind my flat and to making it look lovely…I just have to learn how to be green-fingered 😉



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