Mindfulness Update for Educators and Parents

Mindfulness has become political. Never before have I been so glad to see that some of my more “hippy” beliefs actually ARE relevant for all teachers and all those who feel that their working lives are like a treadmill. Since I became aware of what “mindfulness” is a few years ago, I have tried to be more aware of living life in this way. Now MPs are discovering its benefits. I hope this really does begin to inform government policy and those who care for others suffering from stress-related illness, and those who are prone to stress-related illness i.e. students and teachers, and those who need education about mindfulness, stress and all related areas i.e. society as a whole!

3D Eye

It seems a tipping point has been reached with regard to ‘mindfulness’ and it being a regular part of our national and international conversations. It’s only a few years since ‘mindfulness’ was first mentioned on television or radio, but is there anyone with any curiosity who’s still unaware of what it is and why it’s attracting so much attention?

The importance of mindfulness for a 3D Eye view of multiple intelligences is that it’s an essential component of what we call ‘personal intelligence’ – the realm of insight, knowledge and understanding of oneself. Mindfulness is to ‘personal intelligence’ what empathy is to social intelligence and what intuition is to spiritual intelligence.

The relevance of this to education should be obvious. What are we doing in schools if we’re not paying attention to young people’s developing understanding of themselves – their self-consciousness. self-esteem, self-discipline, self-awareness, self-confidence, etc? These aspects of…

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