On Turning 26

Hello readers 🙂

It was my 26th birthday last week and after joking that I had turned the wrong side of 25, a couple of my friends managed to persuade me that it is the FUN side and the RIGHT side! And after pausing for thought, this may be true. Maybe, now that I know myself better than in my earlier twenties, I can really stand up for who I am, the bad bits, the good bits, and the bits I will cultivate so that I can become the best version of myself 🙂

On previous birthdays I have been known to get a bit emotional and teary because of all the love that is shown in the form of receiving cards, presents, thoughtfulness and kindness from your friends, relatives, and even people you didn’t expect to notice or care. All the good wishes have previously overwhelmed me in realizing that so many people care. This year, I didn’t get teary, I just felt so grateful and happy for all the love in my life, and would like to say a big THANK YOU to all those people who sent me messages, cards, and gifts. You made me feel cared for and loved 🙂

In recent weeks, my friends and family have made me feel so supported as I negotiated some issues and problems (the root of which was my job, but also unhappiness and a general lack of confidence). Since I committed to thinking positively and doing more to look after myself, it is like the sun has come out after weeks of rain. I’d like to thank everyone who has shown me their support, shown that they are on my side and that they really had my back 😉

This birthday I had a lot of fun celebrating by going to see Les Mis and meeting friends for dinner and cocktails. Thanks to everyone who made it special. I know that my 26th is going to be a good year, especially if the positivity and sunshine continues 🙂

Birthday Love ❤

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