2014: Renewed commitment

Guess what? My New Year’s Resolution is to blog more often!

And I really mean it. Because writing ‘Life is Beautiful’ is a commitment to that creative part of myself, and a commitment to not taking myself and my life for granted. In recent months I have gone down a dark path which is too complex to analyse right now. And I am hoping to remedy it with a new commitment to this blog which stands for everything I need to do more of: think positively, accept mistakes and flaws, take time to breath and enjoy the moment, put the joy back into living, and essentially see that everything is OK just as it is. There does not need to be a “I’ll be happy when….” thought about the future. Because a change of perspective can show that you can be happy in this moment, in the present.

And it is not going to be easy. But nobody said that anything in life is easy, not even committing to seeking joy and happiness! Because there are always things that are sent to try us and it is hard to keep up a positive attitude when things you are emotionally invested in do not give you the results you desire. That is where discipline comes in. I am going to see this commitment as if I am going on a diet. Consciously avoiding the “foods” (thoughts, patterns) that are bad for me, and eating (thinking, acting) more healthily. Sometimes I will be tempted to eat a big, gooey bit of chocolate cake (A moment of self-pity or anger for example), but then I will try to recommit to what I know is the best path.

If you have got this far, thank you for reading, and I hope you stay reading. 2014 is going to be a big one, I can tell.

Happy New Year


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