Light in the Dark

Hello Life is Beautiful readers. I have to be honest and say that this blog has been totally neglected of late, and I can give excuse after excuse… but when it comes down to it, the truth is, I have not been finding Life very beautiful. In fact it has been bloody hard. Of course there have been lovely and wonderful things that have happened every day, but I know I have not been fully appreciating them, or fully appreciating myself. If I had, I would not be in the tearful and self-critical state that I am in today (and have been for a while).

So this evening I picked up some books that I thought would help me see the light. And my lovely book that I have already written about on this blog (called It’s Never Too Late) provided me with just what I was looking for to help me open my eyes once more, to help me face tomorrow with a better attitude and hopefully bring me out of this funk. This book has short poems all about making small changes that can give big results to your wellbeing, and they are truly beautiful. Flicking through there were a few that really stood out with relevance to me right now, and I’m going to share their beauty and wisdom with you.

It’s never too late… to hope

Hope is a part of our life force.

Never surrender hope.

We know life comes in cycles.

And an upturn can be just around the corner.

Hope helps us struggle through the desperate times.

It guides us through the dark.

It’s never too late… to be enthusiastic

Our attitudes influence others.

Especially those who respect us.

Lack of enthusiasm can crush their spirit.

Maintain your enthusiasm for life.

For others’ lives.

It will boost their energy levels.

And heighten your enjoyment.

It will energise your mind

and open it.

There are many more little gems in this book and tonight it has restored me with some positivity and a fresh perspective. With hope, I can get through the difficulties. With enthusiasm, I will achieve more than with depression. I want a zest for life and I can only go forward trying to achieve that. Going in the other direction is not a path I want to take.


3 thoughts on “Light in the Dark

  1. That’s my girl. Focus on the positives – you have so much to offer and are appreciated by many. You have to let things go and move forward. I’m glad that you have found some solace this evening. Ciao!


  2. We’ve written a lot recently about the difficulties experienced by students and teachers alike within our education system – the injustices and the pressures that lead to exhaustion and tears. It’s hard for so many to remain positive and keep going, to stay confident and feel joy in life. It’s hard to hold on to hope. It shouldn’t be this way.


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