January/Night Train to Lisbon

Night Train to Lisbon
Night Train to Lisbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

January has almost slipped through my fingers and I haven’t written a single word. What’s more the WordPress website has changed format and I don’t recognise which buttons to press or where to put anything… it’s been longer without writing than I had even realised.

I finally finished reading a book today called ‘Night Train to Lisbon’ about a man who walks  out of his life teaching ancient languages and travels to Lisbon to follow the story of a man he’s never met but whose story becomes an obsession. He interviews everyone who was ever important in the man’s life, and reads his biography, which is deep and full of existential questions.

And then on the train home from my sister’s today I also had some thoughts about my own life (who knows whether they were triggered by that book or not?)

I was thinking, what if everyone I’ve ever met throughout my life, everyone who has ever shaped my life, teachers, parents, friends, enemies, colleagues, relationships  (or non-relationships), rejections, humiliations, soulmates, what if they were all in one room together just for you? Would they even fit in one room?  Surely you would need the space of your whole life to fit them all in one room together? And if they met, they would all know different aspects of you, no one of them would know the same version of YOU.

And also, all the people I’ve ever loved or cared for, do they know who they are? Do they know the deep love and high regard I hold for them? I bet there are a lot of people who don’t know how important they are or that they have had or still do have a profound effect on shaping who I am.

I’m pretty sure those thoughts were triggered by that book. Its questions went much deeper than anything I have tried to ask, and I’m not sure I really understood half of it. It was very philosophical. But if you want a book that makes you think, that’s definitely one to try. Personally I’m really glad I’ve finished it as I don’t think it’s healthy to have all those pointless questions swirling around your head 😉


2 thoughts on “January/Night Train to Lisbon

  1. Welcome back, hun!
    And I know the wordpress played a brutal trick here on us. I can’t use to it either.
    I’m happy that you’ve been reading books meanwhile.


    1. It’s so nice that you read and commented on my ramblings 😉

      I’ve been reading a lot too to relax and I’ve also just got a new Kindle which I’m really excited about!

      I haven’t read your lovely blog in a while so I hope everything is well with you 🙂 xx


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