I feel really sad that I haven’t been able to make time for my blog over the last few weeks. Starting a PGCE has completely taken over my life. I’m enjoying it, but there is so much new information to take in, and as with any major change, it takes time to adjust and to feel comfortable in a new role. For me, this is the new role of student teacher.

This new start has made me think that I am in a period of transition. From teacher of EFL, to student teacher back at university; from living in Spain, to living in England; from financially independent to living on a student budget…

Transitions and major life events such as moving house/relocating, starting a new course and changes in financial state can be triggers of stress, and they all feature on the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale. This is a table of life events which are all considered to be stress triggers, each one given a numbered rating depending on how stressful it is considered to be. On the link I have provided, you simply click which events have happened to you in the last year, and if your score is over 300, you are likely to be suffering from, or to become ill from stress related problems.

I took the test, and apparently I fall into this bracket. It’s not surprising considering that I have made some major changes and I have taken up a new course within the last few weeks. However, I don’t feel that this information is anything to worry about. I feel as if it has confirmed a feeling within me that I’m unsettled, and that is completely natural in my position. I also have a lot of resources I can draw on in times of stress that I have come to find incredibly helpful.

If you have taken the test and have found that you also get a score of over 300, don’t panic. There are a lot of techniques you can use to help yourself and some people may be able to cope more easily than others with life changes, depending on their personal situation and the support network they have. There is some advice on managing stress on the link above, and I hope to also feature some stress-busting techniques on my blog.

Personally, I feel that my support network of friends and family really help me and I am so grateful to them all for being there for me when I need them.

One of the most effective techniques I have used a lot, and which I am also going to use as a way of finding time to post on here more regularly, is to keep a note of things which I am grateful for. If we take a note everyday of things we are grateful for, we are really appreciating each day, and seeing the positives in our lives, as even on what seems like the worst of days, there is something to be grateful for.

So, my gratitude diary will start tomorrow, every day for the next week and maybe beyond…

Watch this space 🙂


One thought on “Transitions

  1. Hi Jo,

    I’ve noticed that your previous post is password protected. Is it possible to ask for your password?

    Hopefully, you can find a Yahoo e-mail address on my Gravatar page, if you are happy to share. 🙂


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