A Photo Collection

I’ve had a draft of this post written for a while, but for some reason I could never find the ‘right’ time to post it. It’s a collection of photos from home, Tattershall, the village where I moved to at the age of nine, and where my parents still live. Because I’ve been studying and working abroad, I still haven’t really moved out of my parents’ home (like a lot of people in their 20s these days!) and it’s somewhere that me, my brother and sisters always come back to.

When I’m back in Tattershall, one of my favourite things is to take my dog for a walk in the fields, by the castle and the church.  Here, it feels like you have completely left the village behind – in fact, when it’s quiet, you could be the only person in the world. It is a vast, open area of fenland, made up of ditches, high grass banks and lakes.

I first started regularly walking my dog there when I was in a period of unemployment which lasted for several months. Getting outside with my dog felt like a relief and an escape from the tedious and depressing situation of constant job applications and rejections. I enjoyed getting in touch with the nature around me. I saw a beauty in the place that I had found hard to see when I was a teenager growing up there. The fens of Lincolnshire can look bleak and dreary, but they can also look striking, open, and, in a unique way, beautiful. It’s all about perception. In my photos, I tried to capture the beauty that I saw. Over a year, I captured Tattershall in all seasons and weathers. It never seemed to look the same.

I am currently in Tattershall and just today, I took my dog for a walk in the September sunshine. We were making the most of the sun and late summer warmth while we still have it. In a week or so, I will be moving away from Tattershall to start a PGCE course in London. So, before I go, it seems like the right time to post this photo collection. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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