U Can Cope – World Suicide Prevention Day

Suicide Prevention – what it means to me.

I’ve just read this very moving story and watched the U Can Cope trailer: a short film about suicide whose message is simple:

1. Anyone can experience suicidal thoughts.

2. There is always hope.

3. There is always help.


The full version of the film is to be released on World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10th.

The message behind the video and the words of the original blogpost above are what I wholeheartedly believe in.  I was compelled to share them on my blog after reading the writer’s final question, “Think about it – what could you do to help?”

If this has touched you and you believe that others could benefit from the video and its message, consider sharing it on your blog, Facebook, Twitter etc to spread the word.

Thanks, Jo xxx


One thought on “U Can Cope – World Suicide Prevention Day

  1. Love the three points! It is important to remember there is always help–but sometimes consumers do not know where to find that help. Hopefully, blogs like yours will share where to find resources for help.


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