Trip to Malham

I’m currently sitting in my sister’s flat in London having just begun my flat hunt and thought I’d distract myself from the endless lists on spareroom and gumtree by posting about my wonderful weekend trip to Malham in the Yorkshire Dales.

A walking weekend in the Dales with my dad and brother was the perfect opportunity to get in training for the Shine London Walking Marathon, which is coming up in September. It was also really fun to go together and to see the beautiful green countryside of the Dales and the picturesque little villages.

I don’t really want to say too much as I just want to let the photos from the weekend speak for themselves. What I will say is that when I was living in Slovakia and in Spain, I went walking several times with my friends as it’s a great way to explore the area, get exercise and it’s completely free (very important when you are living on Slovakian wages!) And on these walking trips I started longing for the English landscape and wondered why I had never bothered to go walking or fully appreciate the greenery in my home country.  I resolved to do this more when I was back home.

Malham is a beautiful place with some stunning geographical features, such as the limestone pavement whose claim to fame is that it appears in the penultimate Harry Potter movie…

So, here’s the pictures of our weekend – enjoy 🙂

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