Happy Moments from the Last Week

Today I feel fabulous 🙂 I’m happy. So happy that I am bouncing around like a little lamb and smiling 🙂 🙂 🙂

According to Paul McKenna, if we focus on the moments when we feel happy, and acknowledge how good we feel at that moment, and keep practising this, we will become “programmed” to notice more and more of the good things around us, and feel more joy. He argues that if you practise this throughout the day for a week, it will “make a dramatic difference in the quality of your experience and your overall sense of joy and wellbeing”. 

He says, “The more you notice when you already feel good, the more your brain will seek out additional good feelings – it’s like buying a particular car and suddenly seeing that car everywhere. What you set up your brain to look for, it will begin to find.”*

Now, I haven’t been consciously doing this, but I have had a fabulous last week and really appreciated the good things that have happened. Perhaps this is why I feel so great today! If you decide to follow the “happy” exercise as described above, I can assure you that you will feel better after acknowledging the moments where you feel good, and the things that make you happy, whatever they may be.

Here’s my list of Happy Moments from the Last Week:

  • I went on a weekend trip with my mum. After being abroad for months it was great to spend some quality time together

  • We went to see Wicked (there’s nothing like musical theatre to put a smile on your face!)
  • My trip to London made me feel more excited and less scared about my impending move there
  • The sun came out
  • I had a relaxing massage (it was amazing!)
  • I signed up to do Shine Walking Marathon to support Cancer Research UK. Now got to get training for the event!
  • I had my hair done in a new style
  • I bought a netbook ready for my year’s teacher training
  • I discovered a notebook from when I was a kid that contains the numbers 1-20 in German, written for me by my dad, with how to pronounce the words. This is not just a German lesson, this is a piece of personal history which started my fascination with learning languages. Finding this notebook was a really special moment!
A piece of personal history!
  • I am no longer living out of two suitcases (r.e. Acclimatising), I unpacked, and surprisingly everything fit back in to my room!
  • I spoke to two of my best friends who I hadn’t heard from in a while
  • I got more likes and views on my blog, thank you for reading, commenting and liking!
  • I am currently in the process of making Raspberry and White Chocolate Cupcakes (recipe from the Primrose Bakery book)
  • The Olympics start today! And I’m excited!

So many good things! I hope that you have had some good things to celebrate this week too. Have you felt good today? If so, why? And if not, why not practise “noticing” and acknowledging when you feel good, and what has made you feel good? Try it and you will feel great 🙂

*quotations taken from Control Stress by Paul McKenna


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